ContactiCal | a mobile calendar client for your CRM. Fast, elegant and intuitive to use.
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A mobile calendar client for Vtiger and Sugar CRM.
Fast, elegant and intuitive to use.

Vtiger CRM version available on the App Store.
Sugar CRM version available soon.

  • Contactical Vtiger is available on the App Store!

  • "It really looks like the native Contacts app, but it syncs with my company's CRM! Cool!"
    - Alberto, Area Manager
  • "Can it really take all my work life mobile? Whoa, that's nice!"
    - Peter, Account Manager

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    Quick to setup. Built natively, leveraging the latest technologies to take advantage of the full speed of the iPhone. Works out-of-the-box without the need of configuring the CRM.

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    Intuitive and Elegant

    Carefully designed to be delightful to use.
    Takes you to the action with no frills: if you use your iPhone, you already know how to use Contactical. Every functionality is where you expect it to be.

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    Speaks your language

    Contactical is available in multiple languages and all your translations of your CRM are made available through the mobile app.

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    iOS native Data Protection technologies and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support to safely preserve your business data.

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    No plug-ins or modules needed

    Contactical works out-of-the box with vTiger CRM 5.2.0 or later (including the latest 6.1+ releases), with the official Mobile module installed and enabled (the module comes by default in most installations, and if it's not installed yet, it can be downloaded for free). No need to purchase additional components.

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