This is the full list of features for ContactiCal. It is updated as new features are added.

  • Login to a vTiger CRM system without need to use the “Access Key”: just use your username and password!
  • Support for “On Premises” and “CRM On Demand” Vtiger CRM installations;
  • Offline synchronization of appointments and related records, with management;
  • Reminders for appointments on the “Lock screen” of the iPhone;
  • Creation of new appointments from the mobile app even when offline, with synchronization when the connection is available;
  • Multi-calendar support (Private and Public);
  • Full data protection by using iOS Data Protection API and storing your credentials in the iOS Keychain;
  • Friendly setup procedure to guide you in setting up the application;
  • Quickly call, send email or SMS to your contacts with just one tap!
  • Offline synchronization of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Tickets, Products and Campaigns;
  • Multiple Language Support: all the values and names for the fields are obtained automatically based on the language specified on the server. The application interface is in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch.
  • The application supports vTiger CRM from version 5.2.0 with installed the Mobile Client Library (this library should be natively available for all versions of vTiger from 5.3.0). Updated to Vtiger 6.1.0+;
  • No additional modules are required for the application to properly function;
  • Support for servers using SSL connection when available (Will probably NOT support SSL server using client certificates);
  • Support for servers using Client Certificate authentication;
  • Support for servers using HTTP Basic Authentication;
  • All data is stored offline, with database data and passwords encrypted through iOS native protection features;
  • Creation of new appointments from the mobile app;
  • Synchronization of the appointments even when the application is not running, so that you are always up to date with your CRM;
  • Built native for the best performance on your mobile device;
  • Native iPad calendar;
  • Support for all your dynamic custom fields created through “Vtiger Studio” (both viewing and editing).



  • Requires iOS 7.0+ on iPhone and iPad (iPad support starting from app version 1.4)