Mobile users buy personal productivity apps in order to “get things done” more quickly and efficiently, and more often bring their devices into the enterprise (this is called the BYOD –Bring-your-own-device– trend). These consumer applications embed compelling interactions and user experience, but do not connect to enterprise systems: every minute supposedly saved is later spent at replicating information to feed the company’s processes.

B2B mobile applications, on the other hand, tend to be left behind in terms of usability, victims of a development process that do not engage users or adhere to design patterns. In order to facilitate business knowledge sharing, applications should be designed to enhance ease of use and integrate the same quality of user experience of today mobile devices’ native applications, especially due to the low level of commitment from their users.

Access to corporate data from outside the company’s headquarters is a need for employees working in mobility: these are the people involved in the activities of Sales Force Automation and Customer Service and Support, part of the broader Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, supported by the adoption of CRM software.

With Contactical, I focused on building a software tool for the activities of “Corporate Calendar management” and “Contacts and Leads management” that is both familiar to the users (its look&feel mimics iOS native applications) and integrated to the enterprise system. I followed a design process that relies on market research, definition and adoption of mobile user interface design patterns, and the involvement of users, both during the design phase as well as after each development iteration.

The result is a mobile business application, whose content is synchronized with an enterprise Customer Relationship Management system, built with elegance, simplicity, security and speed in mind, in order to receive a high degree of acceptance by demanding users of today’s mobile touchscreen devices.

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