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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I received your invitation to the Beta through Hockey App. How can I continue?

Please see this guide.

What are the features of Contactical?

See the Features page.

What languages does Contactical support?

Contactical knows the language specified in the CRM server, which means that all the fields and values are already translated when you set it up. The mobile app interface has been translated to some different languages, see the Features page for the full list.

I need some feature that is not in the current app! What can I do?

Write in the forums. Or send me an email. If it’s something really specific for your company, however, it may require very specific customisation and I will send you a quote.

What CRM systems does Contactical support?

It has currently been built for vTiger CRM. However, I plan to add support for other CRM systems in the future (mainly depending on interest of the current app). If you have a specific CRM system that you wish to be supported, please contact me.

What is your commitment to Open Source?

I know Vtiger developers put a lot of effort into Open Source (as opposite to others). For this reason, I am currently publishing on GitHub the code that “makes this app work” and all my findings on Vtiger Mobile API (that are totally undocumented anywhere else!) at this address on GitHub. I know it’s not finished and needs a lot of improvements: it will get better during time, please consider my proof of good will.

I think you app is really bad. What can I do (apart from uninstalling it)?

Please tell me why you don’t like it: write me an email. For refunds in the App Store, follow this guide.

 Why Vtiger CRM first?

See the About page and find out who I am.

What drives you in making this application?

See the Mission page.

I have some question that is not listed here! Can I write you?

Please do! Write me an email or send me a tweet.